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What is Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society?

Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society financial institution formed under the laws, which do banking business among its members. Co-operative Society is registered under the 2001 Act, regulated by the government with its registration 751/LA.A./2011, fully ahead to Government of Rajasthan.

Functions of Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society.
Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society is run by the Board of Governors and the task of planning and policy formulation lies in the authority of the Board of Governors. Society and its various deposit schemes by the common man's endeavor for economic development.

Different schemes of Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society.

Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society is driven various types of plans in terms of deposits like Fixed Deposit (F.D.), Recurring Deposit (R.D.), Monthly Income Plan, Ashirvad Silver Plan, Ashirvad Diamond Plan, Daily plan, etc.

Using the deposits of
Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society

Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society funds received as deposits at the lender uses. Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society members are among the banking business.

Security of the deposits in Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society.

The government has set up law for the Security of the deposit in Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society to which the cradle is legally necessary. Ashirvad Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. is fully complied with capital adequacy norms set by the government. Society is fully comply by the Reserve Bank of India's KYC policies.

Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society benefits the Depositer (Investor).

According to current tax law, interest earned on deposits currently not cut T.D.S. Premature paid on deposits and loans are available as per rules.

Investment in Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society.

Any adult person in society, Hindu undivided family, company, partnership firm, trust, institution, etc. is a member of the Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society Ltd., can invest in the deposit schemes.

How to be a member of Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society.

To become a member of Ashirvad credit Co-Operative Society by paying the amount of Rs 10 membership fee and Rs 100 can be applied for membership in the firm.

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Head Office:
Mishra Taksali Mensan, Opposite S.B.B.J.
Chora Rasta,S.M.S. Higway,

Registered Office:
B-15 Ratna Sagar Complex,
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Jaipur (Rajasthan)
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